The hotels along the beach in Tulum are all within five miles of one another, and range from luxury all-inclusive suites, to rustic cabanas with thatched roofs, to bare-bones campgrounds.  Most of the hotels are within walking distance from each other, either by the main road or a comfortable walk on the beach.  Taxis pass regularly along the main road, and are easily accessable.  Also, most of the larger hotels along the beach have taxi stands near their entrances.  Within five minutes, they can take you to any hotel or restaurant in Tulum, usually for around $5. 

The hotels listed below vary in cost and amenities.  We found that most of the hotels are ecological.  Please know that there many other hotels that may not be listed here, so feel free to give us a call if you want further info about them.  The ones listed near the top are closer to La Zebra, our wedding location. At the bottom of the page there are links to Tulum general info sites where you can find additional hotels and a map that lists most of the hotels on the strip.

We strongly recommend that you book your accommodations as soon as possible, as the many of the hotels in this area are small and can fill up quickly!



La Zebra – The hotel/restaurant where we’ll be hosting the wedding. Wonderful people, great beach. YouTube Video

Casa de las Olas  Really nice.  A wonderful and charming hotel.

Amansala  – Located on our favorite stretch of the beach.  We didn’t get to see inside the rooms, but the hotel area looked really nice.  This hotel is also the home of the fabled ‘bikini bootcamp’!

Nueva Vida de
This is a lovely hotel, right next door to our host beach, La Zebra.  These cabanas and suites were nice, especially the top floors (both jungle and beach views). One of the nicest aspects of this hotel is the fact that they have left as much original vegetation as possible, which lends a sense of adventure to your stay. This is a solar- and wind-powered ecological hotel with a turtle nesting habitat on the beach. The hotel had a homey feel to it and the owners were sweet. They also have a decent restaurant.

Casa Violeta
We had the pleasure of staying at this hotel.  It is quaint and charming, with a very friendly and helpful staff.  They have a really nice restaurant, too. We recommend getting one of the two beachfront cabanas, probably our favorite spot in Tulum.

This is a newer hotel with comfortable looking rooms. We enjoyed lunch at their restaurant, which is  located in a massive circular cabana overlooking the beach.

Casa de  This is a brand new hotel, owned and operated by the same crew who put together Amansala.  The rooms we saw were really nice, especially the upstairs ones with a view (though all the rooms we saw had great beach views).  The manager I spoke with was super cool and very helpful. 

Ana y Jose
This hotel is really nice.  A bit more upscale than some of the others on the beach, it offers comfortable, nice rooms with many amenities such as air-conditioning, pool, car rental, etc.  I think they also have a bike rental service at their beach location.  Please note that it’s one of the few hotels with AC in some of the rooms. If you are looking for a full service hotel, this is a great choice. 

Los Lirios  The cabins at Los Lirios are nice, have air-conditioning, and really neat looking roofs. The rooms are reasonably priced and this hotel also offers Yoga classes and Spa services.

The rooms in Zulum are in tall wooden structures so the views are amazing. The room we saw looked charming and comfortable and the owner was very friendly. YouTube Video

Tita Tulum –  Nice clean rooms, nice beach, and a restaurant; about $100 US a night.  YouTube Video

Los Arrecifes – We haven’t seen this in person, but it looks nice, is on a good stretch of beach, and is pretty cheap. Some cabanas, some more hotel-like rooms.

Maya Tulum
This hotel has several private cabanas that looked gorgeous. It is also a wellness spa that offers yoga classes. It comes highly recommended by friends who have stayed there. However, the beach is a bit rockier and not the best for swimming (but still a lovely view).

Located a little further down the beach from the wedding, along a beach cove by the main road.  The beach here is a bit thinner and not as nice as the beach closer to La Zebra and Sian Ka’an. 

Luna Maya
Friends of ours stayed in this adorable hotel and found it to be quite comfortable. It is on a secluded beach it shares with two other hotels, Piedra Escondida and Zahra. In this part of Tulum the beaches are separated by coves and get a bit rocky. The complimentary breakfast was a great bonus.  Some nice rooms, on the cheap.  Heard that their restaurant was nice, too. Beach might be a bit rocky.  YouTube video

Piedra  A smaller hotel, with only eight cabanas.  Looks nice with great views. YouTube video Really nice looking place, with great rooms and spa services.  Perfect for couples who want to get away, as this is an adults only resort. YouTube Video

Cool hotel with rooms nestled in the jungle along the low cliffs of the beach. We didn’t actually see the rooms but we felt the hotel had a good vibe when we were there. The beach gets a bit more rocky and private in this part of Tulum. This hotel is part of ecotulum which owns Zahra and Azulik. Azulik is private and romantic, good for couples but a bit pricey. YouTube video

All Inclusive Hotels:

Azul Blue
This is a very, very expensive 5 star all inclusive luxury hotel. It is the only all inclusive resort in the zona hotelera. They don’t have much of a beach but they do have several pools, a great restaurant and super flossy rooms with 24 hour everything.

This is a great all inclusive resort that is a 10 minute drive from the Tulum zona hotelera. If you are looking for a resort and all of it’s amenities this is great choice.


Less Expensive Hotels:  Here is a link to a website that list several inexpensive to moderately priced hotels on the beach. Most of these have their own website too. We visited a few of them and found them to be charming and comfortable.  There are also very cheap places to stay in Tulum town, within walking distance to the bus station and taxi stands.  Please give us a call if you want more info!


General Hotel Info: This link lists the distance between hotels so you can get an idea of proximity.The map below also shows were most of the hotels are located on the beach. Both the site and the map below are not a full list of all the hotels on the beach but it is a great, extensive starting point.

Other Good Tulum Sites:


Tulum Hotel Map

Tulum Hotel Map