Thank you all for making our wedding so special. We cannot begin to express how happy your presence made us, and how loved and lucky we felt to have all of you there (and in our lives).

We’ve posted a bunch of the candid photos (emphasis on candid… mouths and limbs akimbo, eyes pointing in different directions, hair wind-wild) from the wedding ceremony and festivities on Flickr. If you join our group you can view the photos and share your own. We’ve got hi-res versions of most of them, in case you want to print any. We’ve also got a ton of polaroids, which we’ll be scanning and posting shortly. But in the meantime, show us your pics! and thank you again for making our wedding day so especially special!

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(you should have received an email asking you to join the group. let us know if you didn’t)

xoxnx & rh

p.s. please try not to upload super-humongous files. I know on Macs you can shrink file sizes in batches (rather than individually) by clicking Control + Select > “Open With” > “Save as Jpeg (quality 10) [ or “(quality 30)”, “(quality 60)”]”