Info sheet and phrase booklet: nxrhsheet.pdf

Information on Tulum:
a. Cell phones do work in most locations on the beach and in town.

b. Wireless Internet is available at La Zebra, and many other hotels and internet cafes.

c. Bring plenty of sunblock (we recommend an organic/biodegradable sunblock if you are visiting the cenotes).

d. It’s low season for mosquitos; however, it’s not a bad idea to have bug repellent.

e. Almost all businesses take US dollars, but not all take credit cards.

f. In town there is a great supermarket called San Francisco de Assis. It’s huge and great for stocking up on supplies i.e. water, contact solution, snacks, and pretty much anything extra you may need. The market is on Avenue Tulum at the entrance to town.

g. The most convenient ATM machine is next to the San Francisco de Assis supermarket on Avenue Tulum. You can use your ATM card and get pesos instead of dollars!

Things we suggest doing in Tulum:

  • Chillaxing, sunning and swimming (the sand is fine and soft and the water is beautiful)
  • Walking on the beach in the dark (with or without a flashlight) and gazing at the stars (it’s like visiting a planetarium, but better!)
  • Getting up at the crack of dawn and watching the sun break over the waves (This is easier than it sounds. Otherwise late-night NYers have been known to fall asleep at 9pm after a day soaking in the sun)
  • Visiting the Sian Ka’an Bioreserve. There is a wonderful restaurant, CESiaK, with a tower that allows a view of the preserve and Tulum. There are also fishing and kayaking tours and rentals. Entry to the reserve is $2.2 US/$22MX. You’ll need a car or a bike. Website:
  • Visiting the Tulum ruins: Tulum Ruins Info
  • Visiting the Coba Ruins: Coba Ruins Info
  • Renting bicycles: You can rent a bike at some of the beach hotels and at Iguana Bike Shop in Tulum town.