The events start on the evening of Friday May 22nd, 2009 (welcome dinner). We highly recommend taking a few extra days and making this a vacation, if possible, as it usually takes a day or two to shake the urban residue. It was our own trip to our friends Damani and Malvina’s wedding last year, which we extended into a week-long vacation, that made us want to return and share the experience with all of you. However, we understand that this is a tight economy and we are extremely thankful to those extending themselves for the trip, long or short.


The closest airport to Tulum, Mexico is in Cancun (CUN). From Cancun, Tulum is approximately an hour and a half drive south. We suggest booking tickets ASAP, as fares may go up the longer you wait. Spirit Airways seems to be the cheapest at the moment, but we’ve used JetBlue in the past and found reasonable rates; Mexicana has $300 roundtrip flights out of NYC right now (02/03/09).

A good cheap airfare site (thanks Damani & Malvina!):

For those feeling the pinch, there is also the Jetblue Amex card. Your first purchase gets you half-way toward a free flight, and then you need to use it for another $1,000 of purchases (and pay this off) to get the free flight (one-way). (I used it for my groceries for a few months — rather than stuff I wasn’t intending on buying in the first place– and it was easy. ~ Nadxi) Jetblue Amex 

IMPORTANT: Passports are required for travel to Mexico:

Also, if a bunch of NYers want to lock in fares (we need a minimum of ten) for, say, Wednesday 5/20, Thursday 5/21 or Friday 5/22 ,we can do that. The tickets won’t be cheaper than current airfare rates but it will allow you to lock in the rate now and you won’t have to purchase until May. If you’re interested, either comment below or email us at

Ground Transportation From Cancun Airport:

Cheapest (Great for 1-2 people):

At the Cancun Airport buy a ticket at the “Rivera Desk” right before you exit the airport on your left. You will need a ticket for the “ABO Airport Transfer” to Playa del Carmen, $8 (US). Change buses in Playa del Carmen onto a “Mayab” bus going to Tulum, Chetumal, Merida or Vaccabuzio, $2 (US). You can get both tickets at the airport. In Playa del Carmen ask the driver if they will make a stop at the Tulum bus station which is in the center of Tulum. From Centro Tulum get a taxi to take you to your hotels on the beach. There are numerous taxis that wait outside the bus terminal. The taxi ride is less than 5 minutes for around $5 (US).

Total per person: $15 (US)

The ride from the airport to Playa del Carmen is approx 45 min and from Playa del Carmen to Tulum another 45 min, a very easy trip.

Other options include shared ride service, private vans or taxis, and car rentals. These are great if you are traveling in a group or have hotel reservations just outside of Tulum. They vary in price from $40-$80 (US) one-way, depending on the service.


Car Rental:

There are several car rental service desks at the airport. We’ve rented “Atos” (small economy car) from Executive for about $30 a day on our previous trips. It’s currently about $20 to fill up a tank of gas.

Or, if you want to rent a car in Tulum you can find more info at this site:

…the drive is incredibly easy. It is a straight shot down Highway 307. We’ve also enabled “comments” at the bottom of this page in case any of you want to do ride shares.
More ground transportation options:


Taxis in Tulum:

There are taxis that go up and down the beach where most of us will be staying. The fares rage from 2 to 5 dollars (US) and nothing is more than 7-10 minutes away from…anything.